Huai'an: Deepening emergency management and meteorological disaster prevention and reduction cooperation

China Meteorological News correspondent Wu Xupeng Lu Bo reported, the head of the Huai'an Emergency Management Bureau of Jiangsu Province went to the Municipal Meteorological Bureau to conduct research and discussion. During the discussion, the two departments exchanged views on deepening departmental cooperation, improving long-term cooperation mechanisms, and jointly doing disaster prevention, mitigation and relief work.
The person in charge of the Municipal Emergency Management Bureau stated that the meteorological department has a large number of information dissemination channels and a wide coverage, especially the approval of the Municipal Emergency Early Warning Information Release Center, which has well solved the channel problem of information release in Huai'an emergency management work. At the beginning of the year, the actual combat drills for ice and snow disasters were tested.
The two sides agreed to further improve the pragmatic and innovative long-term cooperation mechanism, establish a joint conference system, improve work efficiency, and serve the people of the city.
The two sides also exchanged work on the joint release of early warning information, lightning safety supervision, 1+N joint law enforcement, and big data link interoperability.

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Oct.05, 2018