How to do when you Meet the thunderstorm

When the rain gear, do not wear immediately because of the rain small and don't wear, caught in rat wearing it again too late! Rain gear on forever to go to the lavatory take place, such as backpack of the side pockets, the top bags or main bag top.
In the backpack clothes, sleeping bags, etc to use waterproof bag or plastic bags, scale can be used to pack last box fragile afraid of the tide in the food and medicine, film or matches, and sundry. Pay attention to the map to prevent the rain water, and should be put in wet good take place, such as a raincoat pocket or bag top bags.
In the thunderstorm be struck by lightning of possibility is very small, but the weather that comes in, or when lightning and careful to prevent is wonderful. In the thunderstorm below when very key:
Don't ride a bike or riding a thunderstorm, and don't fly a kite, putting kite, will lead the rain lightning body. Don't stay at the house in isolated. Groups of buildings is a good place to avoid. Leave the heights, don't under the tree taking shelter from rain. In a car is an ideal place to avoid lightning, even if lightning car, rarely hurt people. If in the swimming or in the small boat, should immediately ashore. Even in the big ships, also should hide under the deck, don't touch any metal objects.
Don't in boulder, off a cliff and cave mouth to avoid the thunderstorm, current from these areas can produce the arc, wounded by the rain. If the cave, can try to hide in deep inside.