Houses in Rural China will "complementary" lightning protection

Reporters learned from the China Meteorological Administration, the China Meteorological Administration, the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development jointly completed "rural residential lightning protection engineering technical specifications" on July 1 this year officially implemented. Future new construction, expansion and renovation of houses in rural areas must be standardized lightning engineering design and construction.

According to incomplete statistics, China's personal injury or death caused by lightning occurred mainly in rural areas, accounting for more than 85% of annual lightning casualties. Most rural lightning accident occurred during open field work, shed no houses and rural residential lightning protection systems. This is our farmers lightning awareness is weak, lack of basic knowledge of lightning, rural houses failed to take proper and effective protective measures, Luanda Jian wires, antennas, wire, etc. are directly related.

Rural residential lightning protection engineering and technical norms" is the first among the Chinese national standard meteorological engineering construction. The standard was first put forward the concept of "general rural residential lightning buildings", and innovative; in both safe and economically reasonable premise, full consideration is located in the lightningfield or lightning strong rural residential lightning protection and mitigation the need to fill the gaps in rural construction system, for promoting China's new rural construction and the ability to raise rural lightning disaster reduction, reduction of rural lightning deaths and injuries will play a very important role.

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Apr. 18, 2016