Hohhot Railway Bureau: sounded flood protection lightning assembly number

Hohhot Railway Bureau Hohhot power supply segment for the past few days of thunderstorms, rain in order to quickly mobilize and strengthen the special mine flood control work, a comprehensive sound of the flood protection lightning assembly number.

This section of the lightning damage as the key to the safety of power supply, through a variety of scientific and effective way to master the weather ahead of the situation, in the event of greater thunderstorms in the region, the timely issuance of early warning signals, start thunderstorm contingency plans, additional staff Strengthen the duty, prepared flood prevention lightning repair materials and equipment, so early preparation, early prevention, to ensure that the repair move that is, to the war.

This section combined with the distribution of equipment within the tube, revise and improve the "rain and rain after the foot inspection and travel inspection system" to strengthen the power supply equipment inspection work, the designated person at any time concerned about the weather information in case of heavy rain, continuous rainfall, timely organization of special equipment Patrol, key sections of the implementation of key flood control monitoring, increase the frequency of visits under special weather. Check the lightning protection facilities, pillars and poles tilt, foundation water, collapse and other hidden dangers; check the contact network insulation cleaning, especially in heavily polluted areas with excessive dirt deposition phenomenon, eliminate the insulation device due to moisture after creepage discharge and short circuit Such as failure; a comprehensive inspection of the bridge tube drainage facilities within the power supply to ensure stable and reliable power supply to ensure that bridges and culverts drainage facilities to normal operation.

In addition, the strict change of the distribution of duty attendants to implement the rain, rain equipment inspection "three seized" system, by the contact area with the distribution of electricity by the attendant on duty after the rain patrol equipment, Lightning protection devices and power lines to protect the role of the lightning line to conduct a comprehensive test to minimize the natural disasters on the equipment interference and influence to ensure the safe operation of power supply equipment.

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Nov. 28, 2016