Henan Yanling completes the spring pre-test of 11 substations arrester

 March 26 morning, along with a # 110-kilovolt transformer substation Yanling system ground connection resistance test, Yanling County power company successfully completed within the jurisdiction of three 110-kilovolt substations and 35 kV substation lightning eight spring pre-test for safe and reliable operation of substation equipment Yanling and on an insurance.

It is understood that, in the long-running process arrester by aging, seal damage or moisture and other factors, resulting in lower dielectric strength, performance degradation, there is a big security risk. To ensure the safe operation of the power grid, the company seriously implement the lightning protection devices charged periodically test requirements, combined with spring safety inspection activities in a timely manner within the jurisdiction of the substation mine facilities, grounding devices to carry out a pre-test in the spring. The spring pre-test mainly live test between arrester, arrester discharge counter is reset to zero, the device is connected to ground network and host resistance test, review arrester and coupling capacitors and other lightning equipment ledger pretest work. The spring lightning pretest start from March 1, after more than 20 days of intense work, a total of 249 lightning detection testing ground resistance group 48; 19 state detection main transformer stations, transformer stations 10, 75 sets of high-voltage switchgear disconnectors 117 units, detects the bus 36. Pre-test found flaws 8, operation and maintenance of the Ministry of the experimental class were processed first time, eliminating the security risks, improve power grid reliability.

Through this pre-test conducted in the spring of lightning, on the main network Yanling a secondary device conducted a comprehensive physical examination, enhanced substation equipment test data management and comprehensive assessment of the state to improve the health of the device to ensure that the main network Yanling safe, reliable operation.

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 April. 03,2015