Henan: Strengthen the management of lightning protection in key areas and industries

Recently, the Henan Provincial Government Meteorological Disaster Prevention and Artificial Weather Modification Command Office and the Provincial Disaster Reduction Committee Office jointly issued the "Notice on Further Strengthening the Management of Lightning Protection in Key Industries and Key Industries" (hereinafter referred to as the "Notice").
The "Notice" requires relevant units to fully implement General Secretary Xi Jinping's important expositions on disaster prevention, mitigation and relief, implement relevant decisions and deployments of the Party Central Committee and the State Council, and adhere to "safety first, prevention first, and comprehensive management" in accordance with relevant laws and regulations on production safety. The policy is to fully implement the requirements of "the party and government have the same responsibilities, one post has two responsibilities, joint management, and dereliction of duty", firmly establish a sense of responsibility for lightning protection, and earnestly do a good job in the supervision of lightning protection and safety in the province.
Focusing on the further implementation of lightning protection safety management responsibilities, the "Notice" requires governments at all levels to incorporate lightning protection safety into the assessment targets, and all relevant industry authorities closely cooperate to supervise lightning protection safety in the areas in which they are in charge; production and business units must implement lightning protection safety subjects Responsibilities, improve the management system and emergency plans, and promptly rectify problems when problems are discovered; lightning protection technical service organizations must carry out services in strict accordance with laws, regulations, and standards to ensure the quality of lightning protection testing.
According to the "Notice", the meteorological, emergency management and various industry authorities will perform their respective duties, adhere to the frontier and problem-oriented approach, increase the assessment, identification, and rectification of the hidden dangers of lightning disasters, and do a good job in the safety risk management and control of lightning disasters. And organize and carry out the investigation and management of potential lightning safety hazards in key areas and industries throughout the province. Meteorological and emergency management departments will further increase linkage and joint supervision, and promote the institutionalization, refinement and normalization of the province's mine protection and safety management work. 

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Dec. 13, 2021