Hebi: In conjunction with the Municipal Education and Sports Bureau to carry out safety inspections for school lightning protection

Hebi City Meteorological Bureau of Henan Province, together with the Municipal Education and Sports Bureau, used the winter vacation time to carry out a special inspection of lightning protection in primary and secondary schools. At present, the safety inspections of 8 schools including Nanhai Primary School and Xiangjiang Middle School have been completed. .
The joint inspection team focused on detailed inspections of the installation and maintenance of lightning protection facilities in student apartments, teaching buildings, canteens, information rooms, libraries, gymnasiums, etc., and checked the implementation of the school’s lightning protection safety responsibility system. Rectification requirements are put forward for problems found, and follow-up will continue to dynamically track the implementation of rectification.
Next, the Municipal Meteorological Bureau will strengthen the popularization of lightning protection and disaster reduction in rural schools and the investigation of hidden safety hazards to ensure campus safety before the Spring Festival.

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May. 24, 2021