Hebei lightning center complete lightning detection operation of wind farms

Recently, organized by the Centre Haixing lightning technical staff to complete the Haixing territory HECIC lightning safety inspection work Zhongxing Wind Energy Ltd wind farm.

Inspectors for 33 wind turbines wind farm body grounding, grounding bidirectional fan phase transition, and fan inside the cabinet and other electronic facilities and a 1.1 million-volt booster station to be checked to detect. Through examination revealed that some fans have varying degrees of ground steel corrosion, most facilities in line with national standards. For problems found in the inspection process or security risks exist, related to the wind farm staff explained in detail, and in strict accordance with the requirements of its timely rectification rectification notice.

It is understood that wind power as an environmentally friendly new energy resources in the northern region gradually replaced the thermal power generation, especially in North China's wind speed is more suitable for their requirements, maximum wind speed of between 5 to 12 m / s, but the high cost of wind Tower of lightning work demanding. Regardless of the actual statistical or theoretical analysis have shown that the threat of lightning is a serious problem of wind turbines and wind farm safety benefits. Through the lightning safety inspection work carried out to improve the Hebei Construction Investment Zhongxing Wind Energy Co. awareness of the dangers and the importance of lightning disaster reduction, and effective prevention and reduce the losses caused by lightning, thunderstorms ensured Safety equipment and staff safety.  

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Aug. 17, 2015