Harbin carry lightning safety inspection for grain storage

Recently, Harbin City, Heilongjiang Provincial Meteorological Bureau of the Ministry of partition, the county (city) Weather Bureau, Meeting with the local Administration of Work Safety and Food Bureau jointly Shanhetun Wuchang City, Pennsylvania State Grain Reserve Bin grain storage library Lightning Security Check.

The examination is mainly about each grain storage units Heilongjiang Provincial Meteorological Bureau and the Heilongjiang Province Grain Bureau jointly issued "on the strengthening of grain storage lightning security work notice" document implementation; room warehouse, silo, open-air food store and other buildings (structures), grain situation electronic detection, mechanical ventilation, grain cooling, program-controlled computer room and other computer network is to install lightning protection devices, whether to apply for a regular safety inspection and rectification in accordance with the rectification; construction, expansion, renovation proof buildings (structures) of Ray device is applied for a design review and completion and acceptance.

Inspection process, weather experts on minority lightning safety hazards exist each granary raised rectification, while lightning safety knowledge propaganda, all the meteorological department Pijiandanwei lightning work to give a higher rating.

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Jan. 18, 2016