Hancheng joint safety supervision departments to carry out double lightning safety inspection

Recently, Hancheng city of Shaanxi Province Meteorological Bureau jointly safety supervision department of the city gas stations, gas stations, the national oil reserves seven hundred thirty-four libraries, schools and other flammable and explosive places and carried out a festival before lightning, anti-static security risks.

The move, first check the lightning construction (structures), and anti-static facilities installation and operation, lightning protection, the development of the electrostatic safe production responsibility system, and field visits to the national oil reserves Library seven hundred thirty-four at the lightning, anti-static device installation. Secondly, access to design audit units lightning protection systems, and final acceptance test report is valid, qualified for the presence of lightning safety hazard units proposed rectification requirements, a deadline for correction in place, and sent someone to follow up. Eliminate hidden dangers, from the source to prevent lightning accidents.

By checking lightning, Pijiandanwei, and anti-static facilities are in line with national technical standards, not only to improve the public awareness of the work of lightning safety, but also further strengthen the business-to-lightning production safety supervision and management to ensure effective the lightning safety measures implemented.

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Aug. 01, 2016