Haiyang: Carrying out lightning protection safety inspections for gas stations

On January 25, the Meteorological Bureau of Haiyang City, Shandong Province conducted a special inspection of lightning protection safety at the gas stations in Fangyuan Street and Bicheng Street.
Law enforcement officers focused on the implementation of the company’s lightning protection safety responsibility system, personnel safety awareness, lightning protection safety facilities installation and regular inspections, and checked the units’ lightning protection devices, lightning protection emergency plans, lightning protection inspection reports, etc. . During the inspection process, law enforcement officers also promoted the popularization of lightning protection laws and regulations to the person in charge of enterprise safety, strengthened the enterprise's awareness of the main responsibility of lightning protection safety, and issued rectification opinions to units with potential safety hazards, ordering rectification within a time limit.
Haiyang City Meteorological Bureau will continue to increase law enforcement efforts, and urge enterprises to establish safety systems such as lightning protection safety responsibility systems, lightning disaster emergency plans, and lightning reports to escort the stable and safe development of enterprises.

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Feb. 22, 2021