Guizhou Anshun conduct lightning safety inspection for enterprise risk

Recently, the Anshun Municipal Meteorological Bureau organized the city's hazardous enterprises to carry out lightning safety special inspection of law enforcement. Law enforcement officers on the Enterprise mine facilities on-site survey investigation, and the implementation of the inspection system lightning protection devices, lightning protection installation specifications, test reports expired lightning protection devices, lightning security management institutions, the lightning disaster emergency plan to develop case other aspects of the detailed examination of the existence of a system of inspection may not be implemented, lightning protection installations are not standardized and other issues were informed in writing and a deadline for rectification. Lightning safety inspection stations at all levels in the second half combined enterprise risk means lightning detection work, to carry out safety hazards investigation, and strictly enforce the standards and norms, regulations, ensure the provision of quality services, put forward rectification opinions and suggestions on the failed project.

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Sept. 7, 2015