Guiyang Power Supply Bureau lightning "physical"

To reduce the power equipment damage caused by lightning, the past few days, Guiyang Power Supply Bureau to check on the area combined with the power supply facilities were lightning "interrogation" to ensure safe and reliable power supply. Recently, South Branch completed within the jurisdiction of change detection and distribution equipment and facilities maintenance, replacement, for equipment carried out a comprehensive and detailed flood of "physical."

Guiyang Power Supply Bureau, over the years by analyzing the distribution lines caused by lightning trip related data, in time to find the weak links in the grid anti-lightning, specifically the development of relevant programs, timely adjustment of operating mode. At the same time, strengthen equipment management, ensure proper and reliable in operation.

In doing the daily work, from the beginning of the end of February, the Bureau of Guiyang transmission lines Lightning "physical", in order to ensure safe operation of the lightning facilities in thunderstorm season. In addition, for transformation and distribution equipment for the special patrol and inspection, and the inspection found deficiencies in a timely manner rectification.

At the same time, the council in addition to actively maintain close contact with the meteorological department, also deployed crack team composed of professional security services, customer equipment in the dragnet investigation, to help customers find the problem, urging customers to security risks existrectification, continuing to enhance the level of security services within the jurisdiction of the customer.

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April. 15,2015