Guangzhou: Application of drone inspection for the safety protection of Humen Bridge

The staff of the Guangzhou Meteorological Public Service Center boarded the main tower of the Humen Bridge to test the lightning protection device.
China Meteorological News correspondent Jiang Yan reported that the year is approaching, Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province has entered the peak of the Spring Festival. Since the Spring Festival, the Humen Bridge across the Pearl River Estuary has carried a huge amount of passengers. Doing a good job in lightning protection testing of Humen Bridge is of great significance for ensuring the safety of the Spring Festival. On January 29th, the staff of the Guangzhou Meteorological Public Service Center boarded the 156-meter-high Humen Bridge main tower, using the new drone equipment and lightning protection detection equipment to carry out high-altitude detection of the lightning protection device of the bridge.
It is understood that the UAV inspection can quickly detect the damage, rust and lightning strikes of the lightning protection device, and solve the operational difficulties that are difficult to achieve in high-altitude manual inspection. The Guangzhou Meteorological Public Service Center uses drones to conduct high-altitude inspections of super high-rise buildings, and cooperates with conventional detection methods to provide a strong guarantee for the lightning protection and disaster reduction and safe operation of Humen Bridge.

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Nov.26, 2018