Guangxi Pingnan: meteorological education carried out lightning safety inspection in the campus

China Meteorological News reported recently, Guangxi Guigang Pingnan County Meteorological Bureau and the Department of Education jointly issued "on the issuance of primary and secondary schools Pingnan embodiment lightning safety special inspection notice", primary and secondary schools in the county to carry out lightning special safety  inspection.

It is reported that two departments of lightning safety special inspection team according to the notice requirements, the county at all levels of kindergarten, elementary, middle and high schools carry out random  inspection, check the contents include: the implementation of school lightning safety responsibility, lightning safety facility installation and maintenance situation, lightning safety and other periodic testing implementation. The inspection found problems, the inspection team asked the school rectification, and rectification report the inspection team. Through this examination effectively improve lightning safety awareness of teachers and students, to further protect the life and property safety of teachers and students.

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Sept. 28, 2015