Guangdong peace: meteorological education jointly issued a document to strengthen the school lightning security

Guangdong Provincial Peace Bureau of Meteorology and the Peace County Education Bureau jointly issued "Heping County primary and secondary schools lightning security implementation plan" notice (and teach security 〔2014〕 33), on how to further strengthen the county Primary and secondary schools to reach a consensus on lightning safety work.

In accordance with the principle of "popularizing common sense, strengthening consciousness, investigating hidden trouble, grasping rectification and supervision", we will carry out lightning safety knowledge publicity, comprehensively implement lightning safety hazard investigation, further clarify lightning safety work responsibilities, strengthen lightning disaster Emergency disposal and investigation and strict implementation of mine safety responsibility system and other aspects of a detailed description of the actual life and property for the teachers and students to provide security.

"Program" requirements, the school leaders to stand on the vast number of teachers and students of life and property safety extremely responsible, fully aware of the importance of lightning safety work and the current lightning disaster situation, and effectively enhance the sense of responsibility and mission. County Bureau of Meteorology to comply with the law to carry out lightning disaster prevention and management of the organizational management responsibilities, to strengthen the school new construction, alteration, expansion of construction (structure) building lightning protection device design review and completion of acceptance work, further inspection and implementation of lightning protection device periodic inspection system The County Board of Education to urge the school will be lightning safety work into the school safety production assessment content, to fulfill the supervision of school safety responsibilities.

"Program" stressed that the county Bureau of Meteorology and the county Bureau of Education should continue to strengthen the school mine safety management awareness, improve the cooperation management mechanism, improve the school weather disaster warning channels, timely disaster warning information provided to the education sector and the school , For the majority of teachers and students to provide guidance and help disaster prevention and risk prevention, to minimize the lightning and other meteorological disasters caused by casualties and property damage.

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Apr.10, 2017