Grounding and Deflector basic information

Outer lightning protection is mainly for lighting rods & lightning bar, through deflector to connect them with grounding system.

For grounding system, as what you said, it is better to use ring grounding, the general info. is as below,


1. A vertical grounding with
50 * 50 * 5 * 2500mm galvanized angle steel, each earth electrode spacing is generally 5m, not less than 3m.

horizontal grounding with -50 * 5 or ≥ Φ16 galvanized galvanized flat steel bar.

3 grounding device should focus on laying around buildings, and keep ≤
18m intervals to contacted with buildings’ beam bar. Burial depth should be more than 0.5m, and generally 0.8m.

(connecting surge arrester and metallic conductor of grounding devices)

1. deflectors should be uniform or along the symmetrically arranged around the building, and should be the shortest and most direct path to grounding, the category I buildings deflectors spacing should not exceed
12m; category II should not exceed 18m; category III should not exceed 25m.

2. To settings deflectors as many as possible, reducing electromagnetic pulse intensity and improve electronic devices effective use of space in the room.

Anode angle of building should be set deflectors as more as possible, because these parts are very easily to be hit by lightning strikes.

4 days from the column reinforcement leads to surface diameter ≥ Φ10 deflectors must be galvanized round.

5 in
the place of with a metal pipe into the source, the main power supply entrance, or any electrical and electronic equipment need necessary ground,. where it should be in the vicinity of deflectors at 30cm from the ground, with ≥ Φ12 galvanized round steel or -40 × 4 out of galvanized flat steel welded 10cm, as the equipment grounding connection.

6. can be directly used within the building structure column two diagonal reinforcement (≥ Φ12) for lightning deflectors, its upper end with lightning device (lightning belt, mesh, needle), the lower end of a long pass welding with grounding device connectivity. Intermediate links should use the stirrups (each at least one) set short-circuit loop.

7. metallic structures and metal chimney or fire ladder structures in normal circumstances can make use of its lightning deflectors (flammable and explosive otherwise specified).