Ganzi lightning-safety inspection special inspection

Recently, led by the Ganzi Prefecture Meteorological Bureau, the State Administration of Work Safety, the State Housing Construction Bureau working group composed of relevant personnel, has in-depth YAJIANG, Inagi, glorification, Batang four counties to carry out a special inspection of lightning safety.

The Working Group in accordance with the "People's Government of Ganzi Safety Committee Office of the lightning strengthen security work notice" (Gan Safety Office [2014] No. 16) and "State Administration of Work Safety State Bureau of Meteorology issued on lightning safety Ganzi 2014 notice special inspection program of activities "(Gan gas Fa [2014] No. 40) documentation requirements, first in the county meteorological, safety supervision and housing construction sector to understand the situation to carry out daily work, and in-depth focus on construction enterprise, the enterprise comply with safety laws and regulations to fulfill lightning procedures were examined, relevant departments and enterprises to explain in detail the laws, regulations and mine construction companies need to fulfill in the construction of mine safety procedures, the issues raised by the owners of patience, detailed answers. Problems found during inspections, the Working Group requested the responsibility of units must pay great attention to seriously implement the responsibility system for lightning safety, lightning safety actively carry out self-examination and rectification work. The inspection, investigation and security risks, more than 10 lightning-related companies are in accordance with the requirements for rectification.

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July. 25, 2016