Fuzhou: owners of private lightning and lightning protection facilities thunderstorm days the whole building trip power outage

The beginning of the end of the year, Fuzhou Gulou District Zuohai Di King District on the roof of the two homes two people Daxing civil, not only underlightning the original structure of the top floor, but also demolished the lightning protection facilities. Urban management law enforcement officers have repeatedly issued rectification notice, but the two owners did not restore the roof of the building body.

Even more worrying is that last week thunderstorm days, Building 3, the whole building appeared a trip power outage, the elevator stopped the situation. Provincial mine protection center experts said the building without lightning protection facilities, the building itself and the internal staff are likely to be hurt.

Residents are worried about the home by lightning

Yesterday afternoon, the sea reporter went to the left of the sea area 3 on the roof, illegal construction is 1802 and 1803 two owners. Reporters saw the roof of the building wall has been a large area of ​​damage, steel exposed. The original lightning protection facilities on the rooftop were also demolished and piled in the roof of the rooftop.

Building 3 owners Mr. Lin said that the top two residents of illegal construction from the end of last year, the demolition of the roof on the slope of the wall, and then build their own platform, would like to add a small suite. Property, urban management have come to the scene to discourage, and asked the rectification, but has not yet restored to the original, these two days also attempt to further demolition of the wall construction.

Owners said that last week thunderstorm days, Building 3 has experienced a trip power outage situation, the entire building are power outages, 6 lifts all shut down, although the residents can not confirm the thunderstorm days off with the roof lightning protection facilities were demolished Related, but we still worry about Building 3 will be struck by lightning.

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June.05, 2017