Fuzhou Millennium Utada disrepair updated lightning protection facilities

 Fuzhou News Nov 28 hearing Millennium UTA recently scaffolding and construction workers on the tower work. This reporter learned on the 27th, this is the construction of lightning protection facilities for UTA, completed early next month, Dec 8 can be removed before and after scaffolding.
After the joint inspection of the lightning protection departments and cultural relics departments, due to the disrepair, the anti-thunder facilities of some ancient buildings in Fuzhou, including UTA, have been reduced or even failed, and there are some potential safety issues.
It is understood that Uta's lightning protection facilities were placed in the 90s of last century, the lightning protection effect has now dropped significantly.
In order to protect cultural relics, the entire construction program by the Department of cultural relics audit. The construction will replace the tower's lead metal belt and lightning lead-down, and the use of copper wire, in order to improve the useful life and reliability of lightning protection facilities. Stakeholders said that this is the latest national standards for construction, construction of lightning protection facilities to ensure that Uta has the ability to prevent direct strike thunder attack. The construction will also repair the aviation warning lights damaged for many years on the top of the tower.
27 reporter saw in the Uta Park, Uta outside has been surrounded by scaffolding, several workers are fixed in the tower metal band. The head of the construction unit told the reporter that the workers were admitted on Nov 8 and the construction period is expected to be one month.
In addition, the stone tower Temple near Uttar is currently being renovated. Stakeholders said that the appearance of the stone pagoda repair will be coordinated with the surrounding environment of the Uta and scenic spots in Wushan. Due to the restriction of the construction environment and other factors, the progress of the construction of the stone pagoda repair can not be determined at present.

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Dec.11, 2017