Fuyang: Open the new mode of "UAV + lightning protection detection"

China Meteorological News correspondent Zhao Guifang Wang Jian reports Recently, the Fuyang Meteorological Bureau of Henan Province applied the aerial photography technology of the drone to the auxiliary lightning detection site survey, and the survey efficiency and measurement accuracy have been greatly improved.
UAV aerial photography technology is used in lightning protection work, which can better deal with problems that cannot be solved in some artificial lightning protection work, such as inspection of external lightning protection devices for tall towers, sloping roof buildings, building structure size estimation and lightning strikes. Disaster investigations, etc., provide customers with smarter, more refined and specialized services. This is the concrete manifestation of the good service effect achieved by the Fuyang Meteorological Disaster Prevention Center after strengthening the lightning protection business, strengthening the organization and management of lightning disasters, improving the level of disaster prevention and mitigation services, and performing duties according to law.

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Sept.10, 2018