Fuling District, Chongqing: Promote lightning protection safety supervision work

China Meteorological News correspondent Ni Chao reported that on July 16, the administrative law enforcement officers of meteorology in Fuling District, Chongqing went to the Sinopec Shale Gas Company in Jiaoshi Town, Fuling District to conduct weather safety inspections, and publicize the mine safety responsibility system and production safety. Conduct key inspections on education, the annual inspection system for lightning protection devices, emergency plans for lightning protection disasters, and monthly inspection ledgers for lightning protection devices. At the same time, it will popularize lightning protection laws and regulations and lightning protection precautions to relevant persons in charge, and propose rectification opinions on hidden dangers. And ordered a deadline for rectification.
It is reported that law enforcement personnel will conduct lightning protection safety inspections from time to time, strengthen the awareness of lightning protection safety risks, and reduce the risk of meteorological disasters during the flood season.

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Dec. 07, 2020