French photovoltaic project use Soitec CPV technology

Soitec's concentrator photovoltaic technology has been selected applications in eight PV projects in France, this project is under the category of "concentrating solar power installed capacity of less than 12MW" French Energy Regulatory Commission (CRE) called for tender part of the solar power plant.

SPD used for PV system

French Ministry of Ecology, sustainable development and the Energy Minister Delphine Bathot recently selected Soitec to participate in eight projects, the total installed capacity of more than 54MW, the project will see the concentrating photovoltaic solutions will account for at least 30% of each project with installed capacity.

Soitec Solar executive vice president Gaetan Borgers commented: "eight concentrator solar project details and did not reveal, did not obtain a license because many processes, many design partners who do not agree, we are very glad we photovoltaic components and track many projects selected this choice not only to prove their confidence in our technology, but also on behalf of our manufacturing capacity and we have a lot of experience in large-scale manufacturing, automated production lines, and the certification process. "