As a pioneer of electricity, Franklin for the first time in the history of electricity explicitly proposed a consistent theory of electricity, namely the famous "first-class theory" (or "single-fluid theory"). Think of two distinct fluids.
In atmospheric electricity, he was the first to discover that lightning was caused by electricity. He found that lightning is a charge, which has great practical uses. He knew that current could be attracted by the tip, but he didn't know whether lightning would also be attracted. In 1752 he conducted a famous but dangerous experiment. The experiment was conducted in the suburbs of Philadelphia. On a day of lightning strikes, he put a kite with metal on top into the clouds, and a key was attached to the line connecting the lower end of the kite. When the lightning strikes, he used Hold the key tightly in your hand, and immediately feel a slight vibration, flow through the fist, and then pass through the body and into the ground. He said afterwards that the vibration was like a battery generator.
In this experiment, in addition to proving that Tiandian is a discharge phenomenon and breaking people's superstition about lightning, he also invented a lightning rod to protect high-rise buildings from lightning.
Franklin has researched and contributed to optics, chemistry, and thermal sciences.

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Mar.30 , 2020