Foreign study said the city lightning is stronger than suburb

In Jiangsu Province, the occurrence of lightning injuries or fatalities, to more rural than urban, but foreign studies have found: in fact occur in summer when strong convective weather, lightning of the city may be greater than the outskirts, and the reason why casualties relatively less accidents, mainly urban skyscrapers, lightning do better work and relatively rural area, people are not likely to become the target of a lightning attack.
Professor Yin Yan said, in fact, over the past few decades, scientists have been using satellite imagery for the pollution situation and the activities carried out observations of lightning, lightning observed in a number of activities have been found in urban areas, and the intensity of lightning activity areas downwind stronger in the suburbs, indicating an increase of aerosol particle concentration is increased to make ice, lightning activity increased. In addition, during the week higher anthropogenic emissions of aerosol concentrations, ground flash density is higher.

Some experts in the Calcutta area conducted observations, found correlations lightning and pollutants in the environment near thunderstorms will increase the concentration of pollutants ground lightning frequency increases.

High values ​​of lightning activity along the road, such as factories, mines and pollutant emissions are also more intense.

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 Mar. 21,2015