Feidong: Carry out law enforcement inspections for lightning protection in flammable and explosive places

On July 21, the Feidong County Meteorological Bureau of Anhui Province, in conjunction with the County Gas Office, carried out a special law enforcement inspection of lightning protection for flammable and explosive places within the county's jurisdiction.
Inspectors focus on on-site inspections of the implementation of the lightning protection safety management system, emergency plans, the implementation of safety responsible persons, and the establishment of lightning protection safety files. In response to the problems found during the inspection, the inspectors put forward rectification opinions on the spot, requesting the relevant enterprises to make rectifications in place within the prescribed time limit. At the same time, the inspectors also popularized the laws and regulations on lightning protection safety management and popular science knowledge of lightning disaster prevention to relevant personnel of the enterprise, and improved the staff's awareness of lightning disaster protection. 

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Sept. 20, 2021