Fatech updated Type 1+2 / Class I+II / B+C surge arresters

According to market requirement, FATECH made update on FV30B+C series surge protection devices to let them with more attractive appearance, stable performance, better meet the requirement of target market.
FV30B+C family is type 1+2 surge arresters (Class B+C surge arresters), Iimp 7KA, Imax 60KA, In 30KA. 

After updating, these lightning surge protection devices has characteristics below,
1) the size of the product changed from 36mm / Pole to 18mm * 4 Pole, saving installation space;
2) Product color changed from red module + black base to orange module + gray base. Bright orange color gives clients closer feeling.
3) The product base changed from split base to complete base, easier to maintain.
4) product remote control contacts changed to one group contacts control.

For details information or any other questions, please kindly send e-mail to sales@fatech-surge-protection.com or call us. Welcome your inquiry.