FATECH Triumphant Return Again from Exhibition CMHE EXPO Guangzhou 2017

March 29-31, 2017, Fatech electronic(China) Ltd attended the "11th China Exhibition on Eighyning Protection Technology & Equipment 2017 " in Guangzhou International Sourcing Centre with many lightning protection company and buyers together, not only supporting the development of lightning protection products, but also show the vigorous development of the lightning protection industry.

In the exhibition, we have made great progress in market expending, product promotion, collaborators communication and image building. In the meanwhile, we communicate with visitors and customers deeply in the field, to further enhance our company's brand awareness and influence, but also to further understand the characteristics of other enterprise products.

During the period, there are several advanced products exhibited at FATECH’s booth, like AC SPD for power supply systems, DC SPD for PV systems, signal systems SPD, lightning strike counters and so on, which not only enrich our existing product chain, but also greatly enhance the competitiveness. FATECH’s carefully prepared, with a superb level of technology (LED SPD), high-performance (POE high-definition camera) and non-power lightning strike counter once again become a major highlight in the same industry, has attracted many domestic and foreign businessmen gathered to watch and consultation to discuss. Many Buyers brought the technical problems in the scene, after FATECH high-quality engineers, technical guidance and process optimization, a number of great customers satisfaction and full of purchases intention. It is a harvest tour.

FATECH has shown its profession, high technology and high quality by mean of this exhibition, which provided us an excellent chance to promote our products directly. The exhibition, we also achieved a lot of invaluable advice from end users and dealers.  FATECH in the lightning protection industry in recent years has made long-term development and success, there is a certain brand heritage and development. With a good ability in market skill, we have in the field of lightning protection equipment occupies a pivotal position. Even so, we also know that "a long way to go". We will also continue to enhance the management system, to accelerate FATECH branding process, rational face to market demand, making more quality service for customers and friends.