Fatech Surge Protective Device Passed National Orgnization Testing

           On March 12, 2015, Fatech received feedback from Beijing Lightning Protection Device Testing Center, Fatech surge protective device FV10D 385 / 1,2,3,4P (including 1P ~ 3P + N ), FV20C 385 / 1,2,3,4P (including 1P ~ 3P + N) passed the testing according to IEC61643-11, test results have been displayed in Beijing Lightning Protection Device Testing Center 's official website http://www.spdtest.org.
        Beijing Lightning Protection Device Testing Center is approved by National Lightning Protection Management Office, with the domestic first national lightning protection device outside the industry agree that the whole society issued fair, scientific, accurate test data reports, and get home, the testing agency. 
        Beijing lightning protection device testing center surge signal generator capable of generating:
        1.2 / 50μS, 8 / 20μS, 10/350 μS, 10 / 700μS, 1 / 1000μS, 10/1000 μS, 1.2 / 50 & 8 / 20μS mixed wave, such as the impact of current and surge voltage waveform, which (8 / 20μS) the impact of current waveform covering from 8A to 200kA; 10/350 μS cover the impact of current from 100A to 1.7kA and 3kA to 110kA; (1.2 / 50μS) impulse voltage waveform coverage from 225V to 200kV.