Fatech lightning protection: this summer to see the mountains and water, please remember some lightning protection knowledge(1)

 Lightning strikes have obvious selectivity, so isolated targets are easily “favored” by lightning. Moreover, objects that are easy to conduct, wet areas, and layers that are easy to conduct, and where the soil resistivity is small, are more likely to be struck by lightning. Therefore, on the way to the scenic spot, if you suddenly encounter thunderstorms, you should immediately stop the tour and return to your place of residence in time; if you can't return to your place of residence in time, you should look for a relatively safe place to avoid.
You should know these lightning protection knowledge when you encounter a thunderstorm in the wild:
1. Do not stay on top of a hill, ridge, reclamation or on top of a building;
2. Do not pass near the lightning rod and its down conductor, near the iron fence and overhead line;
3. Don't hide under rocks or isolated trees.
4. It should be avoided as far as possible in vehicles with metal roofs, in buildings with lightning protection devices or in caves that are deep and have no cracks at the top.
5. If you can't find a suitable place at the moment, it's best to choose a low-lying place nearby, wear raincoats, rubber shoes and feet together, knees with your hands, and bury your head between your knees to minimize the height of the person and reduce the flash. area.

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July.16, 2018