Fatech AC surge protective device can protects high-speed toll efficiently

During Summer season, thunderstorms is increased, we should pay attention to surge protection. With the popularization of knowledge of mine safety, the industry is approaching thunderstorm season in good comprehensive lightning surge protection measures.

Multiple thunderstorms weather, to prevent damage by lightning strike toll facilities, reduce unnecessary economic losses, high-speed toll ahead of mine facilities inspection work, on May 15 technical experts lightning speed sections of the city charging zone , office area, charging system, power supply system, monitoring system, network communication systems for lightning detection, and based on test results immediately on the site does not meet the requirements of the rectification, to avoid lightning damage to the facility and personal, after testing each city Xiang lightning protection devices measured values ​​are within the allowable range, comply with the relevant regulatory requirements. By lightning testing to ensure the safety of equipment and personnel, eliminating the security risks.

FATECH is professional surge protective device manufacturer, too use our AC surge protectiove device can protect High-speed toll efficiently.