Farmers working in the fields how to strengthen lightning protection

Wuxi Yuqi Lishe the rear lane of the village of farmers couples rain in harvest corn stalks, legitimate 38-year-old Guizhou man Yang rain to the truck on the heap forage around at 8:10 on the 12th, when a burst thunder down, he immediately sent to the hospital died. Yang told the distraught wife, constantly talking about the breathtaking scene at the time: "We cut corn stalks, him in Kangshang the car, mine is a dozen, I saw smoke coming out, others lying on the ground, I shout also should not be had. "

Wuxi City
Lightning protection center staff heard the news rushed to the scene to do a survey. According to the determination of the Lightning Detection System, on the 12th morning at about 8:10, Wuxi Yuqi Lishe backlanes the vicinity of the lightning current of 11 one thousand amperes is a direct lightning stroke. The personnel, the lightning directly stroke accounted for less than 10 percent of all lightning strikes, but difficult to prevent. Who have suffered direct lightning directly stroke, it is difficult to rescue, most will die.

In the interview, the reporter learned, farmland and other open land is the direct lightning stroke prone land. Wuxi Yu Qi Zhenli community village farmland next to the accident, the local farmers talked about here has been more than once been struck by lightning event: last year, Rice played dry cracked telegraph pole next to the bamboo is also shattered. "

Why, then, in the fields of farmers vulnerable to intense lightning? Lightning Protection Center of Wuxi City staff explained: "Lightning Protection Center of Wuxi City staff explained:" the relatively open space, the boundaries of the flood and drought, canals, dry land and paddy fields. Lightning science, these places is prone to lightning strikes. The people in general mine of knowledge are relatively scarce. "

Staff to remind farmers into the fields to labor, in addition to the prompt attention to weather forecasts, and observe the changes in the weather, the most important encounter lightning, you should take the right approach to protection of their own, especially not panic run: looking for a relatively low-lying terrain, and then feet together, knees together, hands on his knees and then squat down and lean forward to reduce the area of ​​contact with the earth. poncho, also approved, but also can play a protective role. metal utensils so as not to hold in your hands. "