Factory Office Building Lightning Analysis

Recently, in Pingdingshan City Zhanhe Qu Yao TVU Road Pingdingshan Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (accessory branch) a two-story office building was struck by lightning, the second floor of the office building southeast corner of the roof near a tree trunk at the obvious lightning traces, resulting in the trunk bark off the second floor floor corner brick avalanche. The lightning caused damage to the majority of office equipment in the office, including mainframe computers, screens, printers, air conditioning, monitoring equipment, host, network switches, telephone switches, telephones, lighting lamps and outdoor water tower equipment, distribution board main switch , the direct economic loss of 12 million.
Lightning analysis:
Relevant to understand comprehensive scene of the accident analysis, the day of the incident in the region of strong convective thunderstorms, office no external lightning protection devices, lightning first hit the office building near trees, and next to the network blitz to the office, due to the thermal effects of lightning and mechanical effects of the role of the office floor, corner brick and stone avalanche.
Power cord and network within the office, telephone lines, the powerful lightning transient electromagnetic pulse induces a strong surge current / voltage, office internal lightning protection device, surge invasive devices have led to many damage to the equipment.
Rectification plan:
Lightning is "nostalgia", the description of lightning by lightning at the factors to attract lightning, or prone to lightning accident environment, and so suffered a lightning stroke place vulnerable to lightning again harm. Timely rectification processing.
(1)     the distance of the office building close to trees, pruned or transplanted. The trees and their branches from the 3 m office building away.
(2)     Installed in an office building roof air-termination system (such as a lightning rod or lightning protection zone), and air-termination system ground.
(3)     Check the wiring in the office, try to avoid the line forming a loop or to reduce the loop area and line length, thereby reducing the intensity of lightning induced surge.
(4)     Install lightning protection devices. Reasonable to install a power mine on the power lines, signal lines to install the appropriate signal surge protector, and the more important equipment to focus on surge protective device to be ground.
(5)     Office grounding system for testing. Air-termination system grounding resistance of less than 10 ohms, the office within the earthing system resistance less than 4 ohms, should adopt a common ground system, and grounding standard should meet the highest requirements of the grounding of the grounding system.
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