Equipotential bonding and leakage protection is to carry out their duties

Equipotential bonding and leakage protection is to carry out their duties in the protection of personal safety, can not substitute each other.
Leakage circuit breaker with high sensitivity ground fault protection of electrical, body accidentally touch the insulation shell damaged equipment within line, cut off the the milliammeter only fault current at the moment of tens of milliseconds, to avoid risk of electric shock fatal accident. However, this high sensitivity is also likely to cause malfunction and refused to move, affecting the reliability and security of supply. Caused by leakage circuit breaker malfunction and refused to move a lot of factors, such as the operation of the power supply circuit overvoltage and induced lightning overvoltage, the line high-order harmonic is too large, the current DC excessive electronic leakage circuit breakers in the voltage is lower than 85% of the rated voltage will cause malfunction of leakage circuit breaker tripping. So, do not over-emphasize its role and to expand the scope of its application.
Leakage protection on the bathroom potential rise due to various factors can not cut off or refuse to move, to be passed by the equipotential bonding measures to compensate. The data show that the developed countries bathroom local equipotential must be of residential design projects, without making the equipotential bonding of the building will not give the power supply.