Enshi: Conducting lightning protection detection in more than 100 inflammable and explosive places

Zhang Honggang, correspondent of China Meteorological News, reported that the Meteorological Bureau of Enshi Tujia and Miao Autonomous Prefecture of Hubei Province conducted lightning protection safety tests on 11 explosive warehouses, 1 monitoring room and 1 production plant of Hubei Kailong Chemical Group.
During the flood season, the meteorological department frequently acted in advance to conduct safety inspections on 110 inflammable and explosive places such as gas stations, gas stations, explosives warehouses and liquefied gas stations, and to ground or prevent direct attacks on oil depots, valves and pipelines. Thunder, anti-inductive lightning and lightning wave intrusion are investigated one by one, and rectification opinions are promptly put forward to ensure the safe production of enterprises.

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Mar.25, 2019