Electrical Building Knowledge

 Electrical Building Knowledge: What is the general lightning protection measures
1. Do not make a direct hit by lightning electrical equipment, such as the use of lightning and the lightning conductor.
2. To prevent lightning sensors, such as the use of valve type arrester, tube arrester, the discharge gap and so on. General factories and enterprises often used lightning arresters and discharge valve clearance and other lightning protection device. Lightning rod is used to protect electrical equipment and relatively tall buildings, to avoid being direct lightning strikes devices. Lightning rod is actually played the lead role of Ray. Valve arresters used to protect a variety of electrical insulation transformer and substation within the device to prevent lightning induced over voltage, insulation without flashover and breakdown. Installation acting valve arrester, the equivalent electrical equipment tops in a safety valve, it is protected when the device is over-voltage, discharge voltage exceeds it, it is automatically discharged, the high-voltage system is reduced to the device no dangerous levels. When the lightning current into the earth, it can automatically be closed, so that the power will not for a long time by the lightning current into the ground. The discharge gap is one of the most in order to prevent short-circuiting of the gap of foreign objects, which can be connected in series with an auxiliary ground deflectors gap; its role when birds, insects or other foreign objects accidentally falls main gap, without causing discharge to ground. And then again to remind you that when using electrical equipment, be sure to pay attention to safety, especially during a lightning storm, be sure to make safety measures.
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Mar. 09, 2015