Don't make lightning protection box into dustbin

Why do lightning protection box? For ease of installation, don't need lightning protection qualification to the assembly, the more because money electrician!!!!! Around the world, and which countries like us large-scale production and use of lightning protection box? Some also is with the special box fire blast.
Lightning surge protection industry development up to now, no new material and new technique stimulation, production and the user to enter a radical thinking circle, such as: the mass market. Lightning protection box
The purpose of the lightningsurge protection box production is worth affirmation, also is very should, but please note, lightning surge protection box is not simply the surge protective devices(or called surge arresters, surge protectors, SPD) fixed to an iron box, put on the circuit breaker, thunder counter and so on some of the device without equipment. Circuit breaker and not the device used in the standard requirement, just for convenient change core module and added, like this without instructions, no remote alarm independent action, once in a thunderstorm switch weather misoperation cut off protection branch, and that can only to surrender waiting for the accident. Lightning counter, as if a user preferences, but the components used in the LS 74 count series integrated chips itself is protected objects, but will it do not shield to pretend discharge the tunnel, the results can only be small current record when several times, as long as big a current and will not or error count.
Lightning surge protection will be designed to B + C box, should be the best form, both to cut short wiring, and realize the length of low residual pressure flow qualcomm concept. This design can get such as In = 100 kA, Up more than 1.8 kV this kind of excellent parameters, is worth extending. Because B + C form of costs and technical input is very high, now industry, more will be installed in the cabinet is on a SPD module settles.
Lightning protection box is integrated the surge protection device selection and application, integrated wiring, and emc subjects technology products, any is not ready to products, is a faulty stroke in calligraphy or painting. Line pressure sensitive drop has been well known, and can cut short the wiring and Kevin meet method weaken; But the impact of the residual current parallel pressure of "the second induction" is the most difficult of wiring was found hidden trouble, there are many designers don't admit that there will be electromagnetic induction, but after will parallel lines twisted-pair, residual pressure drop 11% of the results will let people convinced.
Summary close to a year of test cases, open the box cover lightning surge protection glance, can know this box is "dustbin"!!!!!
If after a few small changes, or when the design meets the several principles, can achieve almost no voltage superposition of output effect. So have the technical level of the lightning protection box, just really can do to reduce the power AC surge arresters after installation bring with pressure drop, eliminate hidden dangers, will be worth it.