Do not let the lightning turned

 Do not let the lightning turned " cited lightning "

Lightning protection with multi- rise buildings set on the roof, exposed as a result of many years of natural aging, vandalism and other factors , if not carried out the inspection , most arressters likely has stopped working , as decoration , meaning not only completely lost lightning , these " decorations " there are likely to be triggered lightning burglary physical danger .

During the inspection, they found that some of the top floor there is a platform , people installed solar energy.  It's said that people did not know at the top there is a lightning belt , tend to take too high over the solar lightning belt , plus they do not have and lightning around the belt connected to the lightning can not be conducted , but the cause of the problems.

In addition , there are some chaos in the steel tie wire lightning , lightning steel fracture , lightning belt range is too small , and other mine safety hazard. "One time due to lightning belt range is too small to hit a corner off the entire roof , and if hit people is very dangerous ." reporters said , in fact, as long as the inspection in accordance with the provisions of , or transformation, these incidents are avoidable .

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