Different types of grounding techniques

Different types of grounding techniques

1. overvoltage protection grounding
    This is the ground for lightning protection devices and settings. Lightning is the most widely used means lightning and surge arresters. Lightning rod reinforced by towers or buildings into the ground , through the dedicated ground lightning into the ground . Thunderstorm lightning each year shall be tested before the season comes, to prevent failure.

2. the shield

    To prevent electromagnetic induction and on TV, shielded metal sheath audio cable , metal housing electronic equipment , shield , shielded metal buildings ( such as measuring sensitivity, selectivity, and other indicators of a shielded room ) grounding of a protective measures . In all grounded , the shield to the most complex kind of inexplicable feeling. Because both the anti- shield itself from outside interference , they may constitute by its outside interference , and between the various components within the device also beware of electromagnetic interference , such as well-known in the week housing tube shield is an example .

3. the protective earth

    Protective earth is to prevent damage caused by insulation protection devices charged endangering personal safety and set up , it has a ground and then zero in two ways. By electricity , where the three-phase four-wire power system , due to the neutral ground , it should be connected to the zero mode , and the metal casing of the device by a conductor connected to the zero line , but do not allow the equipment enclosure directly to ground . This is especially common in the broadcasting system, power distribution switchgear room , central air conditioners, transmitters and other power switching devices and high power devices.

    In the planning and design , should be drawn on the ground bus network to each device , and then the machine casing conductor connected to the ground bus . It is worth noting : the ground wire should be connected to a dedicated terminal device on the ground and the other end is best to use welding.

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