DEHN Shanghai subsidiary company established scholarships in Chinese University

DEHN+SÖHNE is an independent and innovative leading company of lightning and surge protection, active in the world market as German leader in technology, with nearly 100 years of a long annals. In May 2006, a wholly owned subsidiary is established in Shanghai.
DEHN Electric (Shanghai) Co. Ltd. established DEHN scholarships in Chengdu Institute of Information Engineering. Scholarship Award University of Information Technology for the school's lightning protection science and technology in undergraduate or graduate the best students. DEHN scholarship total amount is 360,000 RMB, age of 6 years. Scholarships each year by the Management Committee DEHN provided under the finalists interviews and reviewed the relevant materials, and then selected by secret ballot of 10 winners, scholarships and a quota level: 2 First Prize, each award of RMB 8,000 RMB; second prize 3, 4000 RMB per person per award; third 5 per person RMB 2,000 RMB.