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Class I 50kA Spark Gap Surge Arrester with Remote and Indicator

Item No: FV50B/1-xxx S
- Class I 50kA spark gap surge arrester,
- With indication window and remote control contacts,
- Unique designing, patent technology,
- Used in the lightning protection zones concept at boundary LPZ0B-LPZ1,
- The core parts are multilayer spark gap with high discharge capacity,
- 35mm2 DIN-rail in accordance with EN 50022/DIN46277-3,
- Low residual voltage.
- Protection mode: L-PE, N-PE / L-N, N-PE.

Product Description

10/350us 50kA test video (FV50B/1-275S), please click here

Dimension of surge arrester
FV50B/1-xxx S
2.Electrical parameters of surge arrester FV50B/1-xxx S

Model No.   FV50B/1-150S FV50B/1-255S FV50B/1-275S FV50B/1-320S FV50B/1-385S
Test class IEC/EN/VDE Class I/ B /T1
Type of Network TT-TN-IT
Nominal voltage UN 110/220V 220/380V
Rated Voltage (Max. Cont. Operating Voltage) Uc 150VAC 255VAC 275VAC 320VAC 385VAC
Impulse current (10/350μs) Iimp 50kA 50kA 50kA 50kA 50kA
Nominal discharge current (8/20μs) In 50kA 50kA 50kA 50kA 50kA
Voltage protective level Up ≤1.8kV ≤1.8kV ≤1.8kV ≤2.0kV ≤2.0kV
Isolation resistance Risol >102 >102 >102 >102 >102
Response time tA ≤100ns ≤100ns ≤100ns ≤100ns ≤100ns
Recommended back-up fuse 500A
I/O Connections L-N: Multi core wire:10-35mm2
PE: Multi core: > 16mm2
Mounting 35mm Symmetrical rail (EN50022/DIN46277-3)
Operation temperature range / humidity / altitude -40℃~+80℃/30%~90%/3000m
Degree of protection IP20
Encapsulated Encapsulated
Housing material UL94V0
Disconnection indicator Mechanical indicator (Green: OK, Red: replace)
Remote control contact Yes
Color gray

3. Installation of surge arrester FV50B/1-xxx S