Chongqing Youyang carry out the lightning safety special inspection for hazardous chemicals and flammable and explosive

Recently, the Bureau of Meteorology Youyang production safety investigation in accordance with the council major renovation work arrangements, issued "to carry out the county hazardous chemicals and flammable items lightning safety investigation and major renovation work big notice", by charge leadership personally led, Chongqing Shun Fireworks Co., Youyang civil explosive civil explosive materials warehouse company, Qianjiang Qianjiang branch of PetroChina gas station and small dam Youyang Siangsing quarry detonators and other explosives, flammable and explosive places library We conducted a special inspection of lightning safety.

Inspectors depth business operation every district, in strict accordance with the requirements of the lightning production safety, one by one on-site investigation, and the implementation of all enterprises and lightning protection systems installation and maintenance, the inspection system lightning protection devices, lightning safety production management system and weather contingency plans and disaster prevention drills conducted a careful examination.

The inspection, inspectors issued a total of "lightning safety hazards investigation and rectification notice" 4 parts, to check the presence of system implementation is not in place, install lightning protection devices are not standardized and other issues put forward specific requirements, a clear time limit for rectification, and will continue to follow the implementation of rectification.

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Aug. 31, 2015