Chongqing: Opening lightning emergency training in the campus

China Meteorological newspaper reported June 5 in the afternoon, by the Chongqing Municipal Meteorological Bureau and sponsored by the Yuzhong Yuzhong District Safety Committee (Campus) lightning emergency training exercises held in Chongqing Yuzhong senior vocational school. Walkthrough content discovery involves sudden thunderstorm weather reporting, early warning information dissemination, lightning campus emergency plans start and relieve other content, covering all aspects of campus emergency lightning.
Chongqing Municipal Meteorological Observatory, the Chongqing Municipal Meteorological Service Center, Lightning Protection Center of Chongqing Yuzhong District Administration of Work Safety, Yuzhong District Board of Education, Advanced Vocational School Yuzhong District, more than 200 people participated in the exercise.
The exercise is an important means to test and improve the ability of teachers and students of lightning hedging to reduce lightning damage, but also the implementation of specific initiatives Chongqing Party Secretary Sun Zhengcai weather warning information about the "good use" requirements will help to further improve the Yuzhong weather disaster prevention organization system is conducive to the formation of the government organization and leadership, in close coordination department, a new pattern of meteorological disaster prevention and mitigation whole society to participate, but also conducive to the establishment of more effective risk management lightning responsibility system, improve the public to deal with unexpected weather disasters.
After the drill, Chongqing Lightning Protection Center also issued to the personnel involved in the exercise of the lightning materials science and organized lectures of lightning.

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June. 08,2015