Chongqing: Meteorology and housing construction further clarify the scope of lightning protection

China Meteorological News correspondent Ma Yulian Li Jing Liu Qingsong reported that the Chongqing Municipal Meteorological Bureau and the Municipal Housing and Urban-Rural Development Committee jointly issued the "Notice on Further Clarifying the Scope of Lightning Supervision for Building Construction Engineering and Municipal Infrastructure Engineering" (hereinafter referred to as "Notice"). Further strengthen the lightning protection safety supervision of housing construction projects and municipal infrastructure work to ensure the safety of construction projects.
The "Notice" clarifies that the high-rise buildings (heights over 100 meters), bridges (suspension bridges, cable-stayed bridges and other special types of high-rise structures), urban rail transit, large-scale open-air performing arts venues, stadiums and other building constructions undertaken by the meteorological department Engineering and municipal infrastructure engineering lightning protection device design review, completion acceptance permit, integrated into the construction project construction drawing review, completion acceptance record, unified supervision by the housing and urban and rural construction departments; oil depot, gas storage, ammunition depot, chemical warehouse, fireworks Inflammable and explosive construction projects and sites such as firecrackers and petrochemicals, mines, tourist attractions, or buildings (structures) and facilities that are used in the lightning-prone area need to be installed with lightning protection devices separately, and the risk of lightning is high. For large-scale projects that do not have lightning protection standards and require special argumentation, the meteorological department is still responsible for design review and completion acceptance of lightning protection devices.
The "Notice" requires that the meteorological, housing and urban and rural construction departments should promptly revise the list of relevant administrative examination and approval items and work instructions in accordance with the scope of lightning protection supervision of the optimized construction project to ensure compliance with the State Council's "distribution service" reform requirements.

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Dec.31, 2018