Chongqing Electric Power: to carry out the communication lightning "physical"

Chongqing from State Grid ICT company was informed that the recent heavy rains swept through the Chongqing region, the company is doing thunderstorm weather information and communication security work, Chongqing Electric Power Company to carry out information and communication lightning "health check" to ensure reliable operation of the power of information and communication equipment, support guarantee security and stability operation.
It is reported that, in order to avoid possible accidents caused by lightning information and communication equipment operating risks occurred during the summer thunderstorm season. Companies with "Safety Month" activities under the jurisdiction of information communications room Lightning Protection carried out a comprehensive "medical" work.

The company organized a professional, decentralized complex for Chongqing Electric Power Situation of existing information and communication equipment room site, select valid test more than 400 points, to carry out ground resistance testing, a comprehensive investigation room lightning protection and grounding weak points.
During testing, the company asked the staff to strict compliance with safety regulations ICT room, accurately test each test point and ground resistance, and good data collection on the ground one by one point substandard recording and effective anti-rectification Ray weak point.
Up to now this end, it has completed more than 400 points of mine testing. The company said it will continue to strengthen lightning safety management work to ensure the safety of the power of information and communication equipment, support to protect the security and stability operation.

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June. 29,2015