Chongqing Banan: Conduct training on meteorological knowledge for community residents

Banan District Meteorological Bureau of Chongqing City launched a training on meteorological knowledge for community residents. At the Meteorological Observatory and Meteorological Science Museum, the meteorological staff led the residents to learn about meteorological observation instruments, meteorological disaster warning, artificial weather influencing operations, meteorological program production process, disaster avoidance and self-rescue measures, and answered your questions , And issued popular science propaganda materials such as meteorological disaster emergency manual.

It is understood that in 2020, the Banan District Meteorological Bureau will carry out various forms of training to widely popularize meteorological knowledge. In July, the Banan District Meteorological Bureau provided special training on lightning protection safety management for personnel of participating units at the 2020 training meeting on prevention and resolution of production safety and natural disaster prevention risks in Banan District. In September, the Banan District Meteorological Bureau organized a training meeting for the standardized demonstration construction of meteorological safety management in the property community, promoted the release of early warning information to households to people, and improved the residents' awareness of disaster prevention and mitigation.

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Mar. 01, 2021