Chinese first lightning model village built in Chaoyang Town Procyon

This year, Shanxi Shouyang County Meteorological Bureau and numerous in-depth large Procyon helping to build a branch established point of contact for farmers to disseminate knowledge of meteorological science, advocacy lightning disaster prevention and avoidance; installed four meters in the village Electronics display, weather information, hazard warning information throughout the day rolling broadcast; organize the villagers to carry out lightning lectures; opened a lightning disaster columns, display advertising layout 50 m2; issuance of lightning disasters brochure 500 , to mine knowledge peasant households; village main building lightning protection devices implemented and regularly carry out mine safety testing. Qunce scientific response to meteorological monitoring and prevention of natural disasters in the village to reach a consensus.
Meteorological disasters is an important factor affecting farmers' income. It is reported that a total of Big South Kawamura farmers 232, 637, 4,000 acres of village land, the main crops to corn.