China’s wind power installation capacity destinations in the world in terms of first

By the end of the decade, China's annual wind power new installed up to 1,600 million kilowatts, accumulative total installed capacity to 4182.7 million kilowatts, surpassed the United States, leaps in the world. Recently, China resources comprehensive utilization of renewable energy professional committee of association of international environmental group green peace in Beijing jointly issued the news.

"This is the Chinese renewable energy development milestone --, China has become a global wind power equipment's biggest consumer and producer," Chinese renewable energy branch secretary LiJunFeng said, "wind power has become a highlight of China's economic development, and with the dominate the world market potential."

At present, China's total have 4182.7 million kilowatts wind-power installed capacity, equivalent substitution of coal consumption per year, and then reduce 3129 tons of 9,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions.