China 's rural houses will be

Reporters learned from the China Meteorological Administration, by the China Meteorological Administration, housing and urban and rural construction jointly completed the "rural residential lightning protection engineering technical specifications" on July 1 this year, the formal implementation. In the future, the new rural residents in the new, expanded and renovated buildings must have standardized lightning protection engineering design and construction.

According to incomplete statistics, China's personal injury caused by lightning accidents occurred mainly in rural areas, accounting for more than 85% of the annual number of lightning casualties. Most of the rural lightning disaster occurred during the open field labor, without any lightning protection devices in the shed and rural residential housing. This is a weak sense of mine awareness of farmers in China, the lack of basic knowledge of lightning, rural houses did not take correct and effective protective measures, chaos to build wires, antennas, wire and so have a direct relationship.

"Rural residential lightning protection engineering technical specifications" is the first time China's meteorological standards among the national engineering construction. The standard for the first time put forward the concept of "general rural residential lightning protection building", which is innovative and takes into account the safety, reliability and economic rationality, taking into account the lightning protection and disaster reduction of rural houses located in the lightningfield or lightningfield The need to fill the gaps in China's rural construction system for the promotion of China's new rural construction and improve rural lightning prevention and mitigation capacity, reduce rural lightning casualties will play a very important role.

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Mar.13, 2017