China's first quarter GDP growth 8.1%, slightly lower than market expectations

State Statistical Bureau spokesman, the national economy of the Statistics Division to transport of today introduced the 2012 first quarter of operation of the national economy, said that in the national economy is running slow stabilization of the first quarter gross domestic product (GDP) was 10,799,500,000,000 calculated in constant prices increased by 8.1 percent, the ring was an increase of 1.8%.
Prior to this, relevant experts and institutions have predicted that the 2012 first quarter GDP growth will continue to decline, the forecast average of 8.4 percent, lower than the 8.9% level in the fourth quarter of last year.
The government work report at the March meeting of the national "two sessions", this year's economic growth lowered to 7.5%, which is eight years the GDP growth targets for the first time broken "8".
Into 2012, the China of the economic growth data showing signs of slowing. Among them, the March PPI hit a 28 month low, 1 February economic data has been an overall decline, falling profits of industrial enterprises, new housing starts zero growth.
Import and export data released by the General Administration of Customs show that a quarter of total trade surplus for $ 670 million. Xin-ming, professor of the Central Party School, believes that this will not allow the market to be too pessimistic, but it is hard to market optimism. Compared with China had for many years, exports have been double-digit growth, "slight surplus" of gold.
Mizuho Securities chief economist for Greater Chen Jianguang, the urgency of short-term "stable inflation" should give way to "steady growth". The State Council Development Research Center of the enterprise director Zhao Changwen had an interview with reporters that the lower GDP growth target, increase the intensity of the economic structural adjustment and economic development mode shift, is the co-ordinate the decision-making and long-term development goals, conducive to achieve the longer term, higher level, better quality development ".
In the central bank released the 2012 first quarter financial statistics report shows that a quarter of RMB loans increased 2.46 trillion yuan, while foreign currency loans increased by $ 21.1 billion. March, RMB loans increased 1.01 trillion yuan, an increase of 332 billion yuan, significantly more than the market expected, the supply of a strong rebound. Goldman Sachs Gao Hua, which will in the second quarter economic growth to play a stimulating role.